What services does Credit Card Debt Consolidators offer?
Credit Card Debt Consolidators helps clients alleviate debt through our credit card debt consolidation program. We also advise our clients on the options to beat their debt, and help educate them about financial skills such as budgeting and saving. Our program is available to all US citizens in all 50 states, and includes Americans posted at offshore military bases.

Will Credit Card Debt Consolidators lend me money?
No. We are a debt consolidation and settlement agency and do not have access to client financing vehicles. In many cases, debt consolidation loans may in fact worsen your situation or may have already contributed to severe financial problems.

Will home equity loans help me?
For people with excellent credit histories and a large level of equity in their home, home equity loans can help. The majority of our clients, however, do not fit this profile, and if they do fit this profile, they are generally aware of the inherently high risk nature of these vehicles.

How does Bankruptcy affect my credit rating?
Bankruptcy, without a doubt, is the most damaging credit action you can take. For some people, it is necessary, but for many others it is not. Over various surveys during our 10 years in the industry, we have discovered that many people consider bankruptcy to be their only choice to eliminate debt. This, of course, is not the case.

How does Debt Consolidation affect my credit rating?
Although individual results vary, it is common practice for debt consolidation agreements to be structured in a manner that protects the client from negative credit report entries.

What this means is that a key feature of any debt consolidation agreement is that late fees and penalties are often removed from your credit report, and a debt consolidation program is often noted as a "mutually agreed upon debt settlement". The results of such an entry are often actually beneficial to a client's credit history.

What are the costs for calling Credit Card Debt Consolidators?
There is no charge for an initial consultation, which is typically five to twenty minutes in length. Any advice we give you regarding your debt situation during that consultation is also free. If, however, you decide to consider our debt consolidation program, we can take you on as a client, and fees are only charged once we have negotiated a reasonable settlement on your behalf. As well, any fees will be discussed up front should you decide that debt consolidation may be your best option.

There is no obligation to contacting us. Contact us here today.

How do I get started?
To have a friendly, experienced representative contact you, simply fill out our confidential online consultation form. Once the form is completed, your information will be stored on a secure server at our offices. We will review the information submitted, and contact you at your convenience within two business days. We do not charge consultation fees, and do our best ensure you understand all aspects of our program upfront.

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