At Credit Card Debt Consolidators, our mission has always been to help consumers consolidate credit card debt and obtain true financial freedom. In some extreme cases, this may mean Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. For most Americans, however, debt freedom can be obtained through simple consolidation - especially where credit card debt is concerned. Whatever your situation, our staff is here to help you clarify exactly what your options are when dealing with financial difficulties due to high debt levels.

Currently, debt problems are among the top causes of marital break-ups, high personal stress and family strain. Credit Card Debt Consolidators has been an advocate for the consumer since our humble beginnings in 1992. We are here to answer your questions about credit difficulties and help you determine the best route to resolving them.

Our goal is to help you determine if debt consolidation or settlement may be a better avenue than bankruptcy. Many of our counselors have over 10 years experience dealing with bankruptcy and credit issues, and all are dedicated to helping you in the most friendly, professional manner.

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