Credit Card Debt

In today's world, credit card debt has almost become a way of life. To a certain degree, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The occasional splurge is good for the economy, boosts personal morale, perhaps even brings a family closer together. When kept at a manageable level, credit card debt interest remains low and is easily payable.

However, as is becoming increasingly the case, credit card debt too easily becomes unmanageable. While this is good for credit providers, it actually weakens the economy. If you are putting up to 92% of your disposable income towards credit card debt, how much is let to spend on those 'occasional splurges'? If credit card debt becomes extremely bad, as in many cases, can result in the breakdown of a family.

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The temptation to use credit cards to make major purchases is increasing. The are many reasons for this, and according to a recent study, in the last four years the average US citizen saw a pay increase of a meager 3%. As if this statistic isn't grim enough, recent reports show that this increase only captures the demographic of people who actually saw pay increases. Needless to say, there hasn't even been a study investigated the amount of pay decrease that many Americans have suffered. It is becoming more and more common for American households to rely on credit card debt to live up to the average American dream.

The Interest rates on credit card debt ensures that people who have less money are paying more!

However, solutions are available. While the means of obtaining the American dream has changed, the stigma of bad money management has not. It is more difficult in this day and age to achieve financial security. But many Americans still feel the onus is entirely on them when credit card debt becomes unmanageable. And according to the testimonials of many of our clients, even when they knew that they were in dire need of help, they still felt it was their responsibility and keep slugging along all the while thinking it was only a matter of time before their only option was bankruptcy. Most Americans know very little of Debt Consolidation programs and do not understand that they are tools designed to combat the ever increasing difficulty of maintaining manageable levels of credit card debt.

The Credit Card Debt Consolidators debt consolidation program, can keep your interest payments at a manageable level. If you have credit cards for which payments have been missed, and been penalized unfair rates of interest, we can consolidate your combined credit card debt, to one low monthly payment and to a lower overall interest rate.

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