Credit Card Debt Consolidators is a San Diego, California company specializing in helping families and individual consumers eliminate their debts. We provide credit card debt consolidation services that aim to create real debt freedom while providing an alternative to either Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies - by far the most common in America today.

Our Mission
Today in America, credit card debt is one of the most critical problems facing families. Recent studies show that 1 in every 7 people are finding themselves wracked with financial problems that are directly or indirectly caused by excessive credit card debt.

Since establishing in 1992, our mission has been to help families with high credit burdens effectively consolidate their credit card debt. Our program has helped thousands of Americans get back on their financial feet and eliminate credit problems.

By educating our clients about bankruptcy and the avenues available to avoid its repercussions, we have been able to accomplish this mission and help thousands of Americans free themselves of debt. As we head into our 10th year helping families, we are pleased to now offer our services to a larger audience via the web.

If you are looking for a professional debt consolidation company that has your best interest in mind, consider us first. Credit Card Debt Consolidators looks forward to helping you find your financial freedom.

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