Avoid Bankruptcy With Credit Card Debt Consolidators
Are you suffering under the weight of high credit card debt?

Finding yourself in the "minimum payment trap" where each month your minimum payments become less and less affordable?

Looking for a debt consolidator with your interests in mind (not your creditors)?

Seeking a non-damaging way to become debt free?

For many of us, credit card debt can become a revolving door, and with the average interest rate above 18%, it can create real financial difficulties. Credit Card Debt Consolidators offers a free debt relief program which is non-damaging to your credit history, and will enable you to obtain debt freedom within an average of 36 months or less! Then,

Contact us here for a free, confidential, no obligation debt consultation.

For many, bankruptcy is seen as an "easy way out" of extreme debt. And for some people, it may be. But what many do not realize is that there are many much less damaging approaches to debt relief. We provide such an avenue. Read here about how we can help.

The Credit Card Debt Consolidators Mission
Since establishing in 1992, Credit Card Debt Consolidators' mission has been to help families with high credit burdens consolidate their credit card debt and rebuild their finances. In most cases our clients save upwards of 60% in total debt payments by enrolling in our program.

By educating our clients about bankruptcy and the avenues available to avoid it, we have accomplished this mission and help thousands of American families free themselves of debt. As we head into our 10th year helping our clients, we are pleased to now offer our services to a larger audience via the web.

If you are looking for a professional debt consolidation organization that has your best interests in mind, consider us first. The helpful staff at Credit Card Debt Consolidators looks forward to helping you regain your financial footing - without the stigma or legal issues related to bankruptcy. Then, once you get out of debt, you may consider credit card options to build your credit. Ensure you're using a credit card with low interest rates and pay off the credit card monthly.

We encourage you to browse our site for more information about bankruptcy and financial management issues, and to find out how we can help you resolve your debt.

The more you use credit cards for everyday purchases, the more likely you may become a victim of identity theft. Luckily there are quality solutions to help protect your identity so you can get out of debt without worrying about fraud hurting your credit score. 

Our counselors are always ready to help.Contact us here today for a free, completely confidential consultation. Alternatively, you can also contact a Credit Card Debt Consolidators counselor directly at 1-800-727-2719 between 9am and 5pm PST. Thank you for visiting us today!

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